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About Anna Kronenburg

Anna KronenburgAnna M. Kronenburg was a former sportswoman, actively representing Selangor in Netball and Malaysia in squash.

She was "apprentice" teacher from the age of 16 and at 21, she registered Annabelle School of Dancing on attaining full membership of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), London. Since then, students have been entered for Ballet Exams annually.

Anna holds The Teaching Diploma from RAD, having passed 2 theory papers, (Anatomy and History of Ballet) and 2 practical teaching exams conducted by External examiners accredited by the RAD, London.

Anna first learnt the Pilates Method in 2003 as an alternative to high-impact workouts and to recover from serious knee injuries. Since then, she has completed the Instructor's Course conducted by the Pilates Institute of Australasia.

Instructors With Anna

Ramona Rahman

Passed Theory and Practical in 2011 at Pilates Inst. of Australasia, Sydney.


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